Ko-Fi released membership tiers exclusively for gold members back in 2018 but with the rise in popularity, they have released memberships for all members. This means that you no longer need to subscribe to gold in order to use membership tiers.

Everyone can now get Ko-Fi Membership Tiers!

You can sign up straight away, and see the “Memberships” link under “more ways to earn” in your dashboard.

A barista pouring some Rave coffee. Image from Rave Coffee website.

I’ve been ordering coffee from Rave Coffee since January, and it has become a staple of my day to day life. The coffee is ordered each month (sometimes twice in a single month). Their range of choice and being able to pick the amount, grind type and roast type is incredible.

They have coffee beans which you can order as beans or blended for different filter types. You can also choose unroasted if you want to roast from home. ( Click here to see my accidental purchase of unroasted beans). Or you can purchase roasted in a massive variety of roasting…

Twitter birds surrounding a microphone

Twitter Spaces is fairly new and still in beta. However, it seems to have gained quite a bit of popularity with the Twitter crowd. I have seen many verified users get involved with other people’s spaces, which is amazing to see.

What is Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces is similar to Clubhouse. If you’re unsure of what Clubhouse is, then it’s a place where you have speakers and listeners come together in a room or space, as Twitter calls it. …

I think the pricing model for Revue has changed since Twitter purchased the platform. I can't seem to find a pricing page any more, and they take a small percentage from membership payments. They don't say the exact amount but it does seem less than Substack.

EDIT: I have just found an article on Revu’s help section. They charge 5% on all memberships fees which is cheaper than Substack’s 10% charge. http://help.getrevue.co/en/articles/4635935-why-should-i-use-revue-and-not-substack-or-another-service

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

This year, I will be making a huge conscious effort to cut down on single-use plastics. Join me on my journey, and please share your experiences too.

This year I’m making more of an effort to cut down on single-use plastics. We’ve seen the impact plastic has on the environment and how it can kill wildlife. We’ve also seen how plastic doesn’t degrade and turns into microplastics found in fish, bugs and our own stomachs.

I’m hoping…

The year started pretty well. My wife and I managed to get a few dates in, and we spent some time redecorating our flat. After the first lockdown, a couple of friends visited us, and they spent a weekend with us before the second lockdown hit.

I read many books, including No More Plastic, The Four-Hour Work Week, Deep Work, Money — A User’s Guide, Crushing It!, Contagious and Think and Grow Rich. They were all fantastic reads, and I definitely recommend all of them to anyone who might be interested.

I released my first eBook

A screenshot of Coil’s website

Coil is looking to standardise web monetisation. Think Medium, but for every website, including yours. How does that work? You may ask. First, you sign up and use a crypto wallet such as Uphold, and then they give you a little tag that you can place on your website. You can also connect to platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. This means you can monetise third-party platforms without meeting the platform’s “standards”.

A new way to enjoy content

Experience web monetized content in your browser while supporting sites you love in real time.


Once you connect your platform, you can create content like before. Then when someone who has Coil installed views your content, they will donate some money to you…

Michael Brooks

Web developer, lover of my wife, cats, music and CrossFit. Trying to be better than I was yesterday.

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